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GÉRARD BERTRAND was awarded as the top 100 winemakers in 2023, was also featured on the cover of 《Wine Spectator》and named the Wine King of the South of France. As the founder and winemaker of GÉRARD BERTRAND Group, he is known for his outstanding winemaking talent and bold creative ability. At the same time, as a leading figure in viticulture and winemaking in the South of France, GÉRARD BERTRAND has been working to create a brighter future for the wines of the South of France.


GÉRARD BERTRAND Group focuses on implementing sustainable development policies, making a significant contribution to achieving ecological balance, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating global warming. GÉRARD BERTRAND was convinced early on that only viticulture in harmony with nature could produce the finest wines. In 2002, we tried biodynamic for the first time at CIGALUS Winery, and since then, we have been practicing biodynamic in our wineries for two decades.


At present, we have 17 wineries in the most outstanding terroir regions in the South of France and our wines are sold in 175 countries around the world, GÉRARD BERTRAND become the remarkable winery group of the OCCITANIE region to show itself to the world.


The most famous Biodynamic winery in GÉRARD BERTRAND Group is Château L’Hospitalet. In 2019,  Château L’Hospitalet Grand Vin rouge 2017  was rated as "The world's best red wine" by IWC with 97 points. Meanwhile, at the China International Import Expo in 2019, the Château L’Hospitalet Grand Vin rouge was tasted by the Chinese President and the French President as a representative of French fine wines, and it has received praise and recognition from both sides.

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