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about occitanie

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Located in Southwestern France, Occitanie’s landscapes are shaped by two flanking mountain ranges, the Pyrenees in the South and the Massif Central in the North. Between them is a plain with a great variety of landscapes, from the chalk plateaus of Quercy to the Mediterranean coasts of Gard. This land of contrasts is a mosaic of colours, cultures and histories that are naturally reflected in its gastronomic traditions.

A Diverse Landscape

with Rich Gastronomic Traditions


Taking advantage of the richness of its lands, agriculture and breeding are thriving in the South of France. While foie gras and cassoulet are among the most well-recognised regional specialties, fresh Mediterranean seafood is an equally important part of local food culture. In addition to its signature honeys, this leading region in organic farming also offers a complete range of tasteful fruits such as melons, peaches and apples throughout the seasons. And when it comes to dairy products, the classic Roquefort – dubbed the “King of Cheeses” – is one the most emblematic cheeses of France.

A Variety of Quality Agricultural Specialties

The Largest Wine Region in the World

The Occitanie Region is France’s number one wine-producing region, representing one-third of national volumes. The variety of its climates and soils guarantee the wines produced on this exceptional land delivers one of the broadest aromatic palettes there is. Benefiting from exceptional sunshine that naturally favours the ripening of grapes, Occitanie is also blessed with strong regional winds that play an essential role as a natural bulwark against disease.

Vineyards of the region are spread over the areas of Languedoc, Roussillon, part of the Rhône Valley and two-thirds of the South-West area, offering an incredible diversity of terroirs, grape varieties, and appellations. Pays d’Oc is considered as the 5th area of production and covers the whole territory of Languedoc and Roussillon. The eastern part of Occitanie expresses the innate style of Mediterranean wine perfectly, from varietal to more complex wines. On the western part, wines present very specific characteristics of freshness and vivacity, with more of a ripe fruit touch.

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