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French GourMay is the one and only major festival in Hong Kong and Macau dedicated to gastronomy à la française, organised under the umbrella of French May Arts Festival. French cuisine is one of the few UNESCO-listed culinary cultures. Each year, we celebrate the unique culinary treasure in collaboration with one French region.  


In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of French May Arts Festival, the 14th edition of French GourMay, with Hong Kong Tourism Board as supported organisation, will bubble up the joy of festivity with French sparkling wines.

Wine of Honour 2023: French Sparkling Wines

Every time hearing the “pop”, we know it’s time to celebrate! French sparkling wines have been served to mark memorable events – birthday, graduation, marriage, party etc. In France, it is ordinary to enjoy “les petits plaisirs de la vie” (little pleasures in life) over a glass of sparkling wine for its extraordinary taste.


French sparkling wines share interesting similarities and differences in terms of production methods, flavour, heritage, terroirs, etc. Apart from being a symbol of joy and festivity, French sparkling wine offers impressive versatility when it comes to food and wine paring. With different terroirs, French sparkling wines elevate the dining experience and make delicious combination with diverse cuisine: cold or hot starters, seafood, white meats, cheeses, and of course desserts.

Convivial Companionship:Bubbly Feast in May


The clink of the bubbly glass is a musical display of affection. The tenderness behind the wine production is palpable on our palate. For example, premium producers will harvest grapes by hand and handle as gently as possible to keep the bunches intact and healthy. Every sip of the delicate fizziness, we savour the vibrant elegance in the mouth. 

Santé, à la ville, à la vie !

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