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Raymond Deli Club

French GourMay offer:
Champagne ... Directly coming from our friends familly, the Legrand Familly. Available in 3 different styles, Reserve, Rosé and Crazy Bubble. All Gourmay shoppers will be offered 10% discount upon buying a case of 6 bottles. 香檳......直接來自我們的家庭朋友 Legrand Familly。有 3 種不同的風格可供選擇,Reserve、Rosé 和 Crazy Bubble。所有美食薈購物者購買一箱 6 瓶可享受 10% 的折扣。
About the shop
Raymond Deli represents 10 years of dedicating ourselves working with our artisanal gourmet friends: Cheese, Honey, Olive Oil, Fresh Pasta, Champagne, Coffee and much more produced or cared by our gourmet friends in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Raymond Deli Club 10 年來與我們在法國、意大利、西班牙和葡萄牙的團隊朋友致力為大家帶來出類拔萃的手工芝士、美味天然蜂蜜、高質素有機橄欖油、鄉村風味意大利面、優秀的香檳、咖啡等到香港
11-13A, Stanley Mainstreet, Stanley 28 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung 赤柱大街11A-13號地下/西貢市萬年街28號地下
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