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Causeway Bay (852) 2802 9188
Central (852) 2810 1000
Happy Valley (852) 2972 2283
Tai Hang (852) 2808 0032
Tsim Sha Tsui (852) 2730 1889

Ponti Wine Cellars

French GourMay offer:
13% off Single Bottles; 18% off 3+ Bottles (VIP Exclusive) 單支酒87折; 3 支或以上82折(VIP 專享)
About the shop
Established in 1988, Ponti Wine Cellars is a treasure land for wine lovers. We operate 5 premium wine stores and an online shop in Hong Kong. We offer a comprehensive range of top quality wines from all over the world. Ponti Wine Cellars成立於1988年,是葡萄酒愛好者的寶地。我們在香港經營 5 家優質葡萄酒專賣店和一家網上商店。我們提供來自世界各地的品種齊全的優質葡萄酒。
Causeway Bay/Central/Happy Valley/Tai Hang/Tsim Sha Tsui 銅鑼灣/中環/跑馬地/大坑/尖沙咀
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