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Myicellar (Lohas Wine Shop)

French GourMay offer:
Up to 30% off each bottle of Champagne during French GourMay。 法國五月美食薈期間每瓶香檳最高優惠30%。
About the shop
Discover 8000+ wine, sake, gin and spirits online. MyiCellar curates unique tasting experience. Our mission is to take your taste buds on an extravaganza, learning a thing or two about the bottle and share your favourite one with your friends. 薈集8000多款不同種類葡萄酒、清酒、Gin酒以及烈酒,輕易地在網上購買來自本地不同商戶精挑細選的酒品。我們亦舉辦不同話題性的品酒活動。雲窖希望帶領您們體驗一個味蕾的盛宴,對酒及其文化有更深入的了解。
907 Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay 鰂魚涌華蘭路20號華蘭中心907室
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