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French GourMay offer:
Alsace Cremant Pairing with seafood / Alsace Rose Cremant Pairing with cold cuts / Champagne pairing with camembert cheese. Alsace Cremant 搭配海鮮 / Alsace Rose Cremant 搭配冷盤 / 香檳搭配 camembert 芝士。
About the shop
Mesklenn Ltd is an importer and distributor of premium quality meat and seafood. We ensure that the products we offer meet our customer expectations for their unique taste, freshness and traceability. We source our products directly from suppliers who have a passion for product quality. Mesklenn有限公司專門進口和分銷高質素的法國肉類和海鮮產品。在Mesklenn,我們致力爲您提供優質的產品同服務,以滿足我們客戶對品味,新鮮、安全性同可追溯性的期望同要求。
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