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French GourMay offer:
Enjoy Special Gift Offers for French GourMay 2023! "Bubbles & Foies Gras Collection", with Loire Valley sparkling wine, FG Bloc, Mousse & Rillettes with FG. Offer: HKD $590, NOW HKD $475. "Bubbles & Delicacies Collection", with Alsace sparkling wine, FG mousse, Rillettes, Boar terrine. Offer: HKD $515, NOW HKD $415. 五月美食薈2023的特別禮品優惠! Foies Gras Collection包括盧瓦爾河谷氣泡酒、鴨肝醬、鴨肝慕斯和鴨肉配鴨肝醬。原價HKD $590,現價HKD $475 。Delicacies Collection包括阿爾薩斯泡泡酒、鴨肝慕斯、鴨肉醬、野豬豬肉肝配Armagnac酒。原價$515,現價 $415。
About the shop
Maison Argaud was founded by two brothers in 1982. They started to grow corn and raise free range ducks to make premium "Foie Gras" and high-quality artisan delicacies like duck confit. All products are made using 100% natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. Maison Argaud是由定居西南部北亞恩地區的一對兄弟聯手創辦。生產法國優質傳統食品,堅持一切產品必須100%天然,並且絕不添加任何防腐劑。他們以自家種植的玉米為飼料,採用放養式牧養 “走地鴨“。
Unit 24, 9/F, Profit Industrial Building, 1-15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung 葵涌葵豐街1-15號盈業工業大廈9樓24室
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