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Lyndhurst Wine

French GourMay offer:
Celebrate French GourMay with Lyndhurst Wine! All regular priced Champagnes enjoy 5% off. 一起慶祝法國五月美食薈!所有原價香檳皆享有95折。
About the shop
Established in 2020, Lyndhurst Wine & Co. Limited is a premium wine reseller based in Hong Kong. Inspired by the history of Lyndhurst Terrace in Hong Kong, we build our business in the backcloth of genuine cultural mix of the East and the West. 創辦於2020年,擺花洒業是一家位於香港的高端葡萄酒分銷商。以香港中環擺花街為名,冀以其街道舉足輕重卻鮮為人知的歷史作為我們營商的理念。其中文名稱亦足以展示香港真正的中西文化交融。
3A, Kin Tye Lung Building, 27-29 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan 上環文咸西街27-29號乾泰隆大廈3A
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