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Ground Juice

French GourMay offer:
.10% off all Champagne wines in May. Special limited edition box set with three bottles of Champagne only available in May. 五月期間,所有香檳汽酒享有九折優惠。限量版三瓶香檳套裝,只限五月份販售。
About the shop
Here at Ground Juice, all our wines are natural, organic, or biodynamic. With minimal products used in farming, they are better for you and better for the planet. They speak loudly of the terroir where the grapes are farmed and acknowledge the unique stories of people and vineyards. Ground Juice 售賣的所有酒類都是以有機,天然,或生物動力法種植的葡萄所釀造。在耕種過程無添加化學物,對您或是對地球都更無害。每瓶酒都充滿個性和故事,靜待您來發掘。
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