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Frenchie Toquee

French GourMay offer:
Celebrate French GourMay 2023 with Frenchie Toquee, and enjoy a special offer on the website! Use the code GOURMAY to unlock a 5% discount at checkout! 與 Frenchie Toquee 一起慶祝法國五月美食薈,並在網站上享受特別優惠!結賬時使用代碼 GOURMAY 享受 5% 折扣!
About the shop
Frenchie Toquee is an online French patisserie, reinventing traditional cakes into modern and elegant desserts. High quality products are used to create our delicious pastries. We offer delivery and pick-ups in two locations. Indulge in our patisseries now! Frenchie Toquee 是一家網上法式糕點店,將傳統蛋糕改造成現代優雅的甜點。把高品質的材料製作美味的糕點。店鋪沒有食譜,有的是故事,這就是Frenchie Toquee與眾不同的地方!
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