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DECO Wines Limited

French GourMay offer:
Enjoy 15% off selected Champagne and sparkling wine from France on our "French GourMay" page on website. Enjoy our mixed case Champagne and sparkling wine offers at special prices. 選購網站「法國五月美食薈」專頁內的香檳與氣酒可享85折。專頁同時設有香檳與氣酒箱頭優惠。
About the shop
Started in 2012, DECO brings you the best boutique wines to your glass. DECO respects innovation, honours tradition, and values sustainability. We work personally with growers and wineries from Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, Jura and the Rhone Valley. DECO Wines於2012年成立,致力為大眾提供優質小農酒品。我們引進敢於求新同時又尊重傳統的小農酒莊,並相信可持續發展,為大眾帶來亞爾薩斯、布根地、香檳、侏羅、隆河谷等區的佳釀。
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