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Crushed Wines

French GourMay offer:
Pick up your 3 favorite wines (online) from our amazing Grower Champagne producers including Champagne Lamiable, Champagne Vazart-Coquart and Champagne Paul Bara and get a Crushed-curated gift. From 1 - 31 May (or as long as our stock of these fabulous small-batch wines lasts!) 從我們出色的 Grower Champagne 生產商(包括 Lamiable、Vazart-Coquart 和 Paul Bara)那裡挑選您最喜歡的 3 款葡萄酒(網上),並獲得一份精選禮物。售完即止
About the shop
Uncomplicate & uncover the joy of small-batch wine. Our goal is to curate a space where the community can enjoy a different side of wines. Not just how delicious & approachable they are, but how they play an important role in the world, sowing sustainability in the vineyards, cellars & communities. 簡化並發現小批量葡萄酒的樂趣。 我們的目標是策劃一個空間,讓社區可以享受葡萄酒的不同方面。 它們不僅美味和平易近人,而且在世界上發揮著重要作用,在葡萄園、酒窖和社區播下可持續發展的種子。
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