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Connoisseur Wines & Spirits (HK) Ltd

French GourMay offer:
Enjoy 15% discount of the retail price and get 1 extra bottle Free for every 6 identical bottles purchased. 享受零售價85折優惠,每購買6瓶品牌相同系列, 即可免費獲得額外1瓶。
About the shop
The Philipponnat family has been based in the Champagne since the 17th century. Top notch boutique Champagne house cherished by true connoisseurs. The quality is universally superb from Philipponnat's Brut Royale Reserve, the true ambassador of the House, to the prestigious Cuvee Rosee 1522. 菲麗寶娜家族自 17 世紀以來一直以釀製出色的香檳為宗旨, 頂級精品香檳酒莊, 從其品牌大使舉世公認傑出的 Royale Reserve到著名的Cuvee Rosee 1522 均深受真正鑒賞家的愛戴。
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