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Club France Hong Kong

French GourMay offer:
HKD $499 for any 12 Bottles of Alain Milliat premium juices and nectars (330ml) of your choice! Treat yourself with exquisite French delights and enjoy the summer season. 一個價錢,盡享你喜歡的味道。我們推出以HKD $499 ,就可以在我們所有Alain Milliat果汁的味道中任選12支(330ml)的套餐,就算單價最貴的,也可以選擇!
About the shop
Club France Hong Kong was founded with love for everything French, its culture and culinary art, to find and connect with more like-minded gourmands who love French food, and to share with more people the exquisite experience when immersed in the French way of living. Club France Hong Kong 矢志於把法國各地的美食佳飲帶到香港,以平易近人的價錢,讓香港人在家中都可以享受地道的法式生活。
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