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Burgundy etc

French GourMay offer:
Celebrate French GourMay with burgundy etc this May. Pop these stunning Champagnes, and explore the diversity of the sparkling world. 於法國五月美食薈期間,讓我們一邊喝著美妙優雅的香檳,一邊探索這個閃閃發光的有汽葡萄酒世界的多樣性吧!
About the shop
Located in the prime location of The Central Building and the prime residential area of Happy Valley, burgundy etc offers Hong Kong's largest retail selection of Burgundy wines and curation of over 100 rare Champagnes, choice pours from Bordeaux, fine whiskies, and sake. burgundy etc 於香港多個黃金地段營業,專精於搜羅各大葡萄酒產區的傑出佳釀,透過於店舖內舉辦葡萄酒品鑒會,讓愛酒人士有如置身酒莊一樣。
Shop 108, 1/F, Central Building, 1-3 Pedder Street, Central G/F, 12c Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley 中環畢打街中建大廈 |跑馬地成和道
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