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French GourMay offer:
Enjoy 12% discount on the selected labels (mix cases available) OR Buy 5 bottles and enjoy a FREE one on the selected labels (same wine only). 法國五月美食薈期間,購買指定香檳及汽泡酒享有88折優惠, 指定同款酒更享有「買5送1」優惠,詳情請留意酒伴Boom網站。
About the shop
At Boom, we are committed to introducing wines with good value at prices that will give you a WOW! From Bordeaux to Moldova, to all over the world, browse through all our labels and find the wine that will accompany your best moments at the best price. 酒伴Boom致力於為您搜羅來自世界各地的精選優質葡萄酒,從波爾多到新西蘭;從黎巴嫩再到摩爾多瓦,在我們的網站一定能找到搭配你每個珍貴時刻的美酒。
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