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Bakus Cellars

Bakus Cellars is a wine importer & distributor that aims to connect Hong Kong wine lovers to authentic family-owned French wineries & small vineyards. High quality, simplicity and reasonable prices are its 3 priorities.

Bakus cellars是一家葡萄酒的進口商和分銷商;旨在將香港愛好葡萄酒人士和正宗的法國家族式釀酒厰和小型葡萄園聯繫起來。並一直秉承著高品質、簡單和合理價格的3個原則。

Promotion details

10% off on all Côtes du Rhône wines with the promo code FRENCHGOURMAY
Limited Edition - Bakus Tasting Box "Côtes du Rhône Villages" (3 & 6 bottles selections)

使用優惠碼"FRENCHGOURMAY",即可享9折優惠購買隆河丘產區的葡萄酒!誠意推介限定系列 - Bakus Tasting Box 「隆河丘村莊」(3支或6支)。

Online Shop

(852) 6058 8002

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