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French GourMay offer:
To celebrate French GourMay,Azaïs Polito provides 10% discount offer plus free gift for all products. 於法國五月美食薈期間,購買阿扎依斯-波利多產品可獲九折優惠及贈品一份!
About the shop
Azaïs-Polito, an artisanal maker of fine preserved fish soup & rillettes since 1963, is well-known and recognized for the quality of its products. One of Sete’s specialties and a primary selection in baskets of gourmet products from Languedoc-Roussillon. Azaïs-Polito 於 1963 年創立是精緻醃製魚湯及各種海鮮蘸醬的手工製造商,以其產品質量而聞名和獲得了多項殊榮。能讓客戶留下難忘回憶的獨特味道!是塞特的特產之一並已成為朗格多克-魯西永 (Languedoc-Roussillon) 美食籃的主要特色。這家家族企業現在是塞特市的最後一家工廠並正由 戈爾松.波利托先生打理。
Shop A29, G/F., Koon Wah Building Shopping mall, No. 2 Yuen Shun Circuit, Shatin
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