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Soda Port



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"Soda Port" is an inspiration of the history background of Macau when this miniature city is only a Portuguese colony. Soda Port seamlessly integrates history, culture and gastronomy. It is where the Chinese and Western cultures intertwine to bring you a unique combination of flavours.

五、六十年代的澳門歷史背景作餐廳理念 「梳打埠」-原為澳門其中一個別稱,Soda Port的設計靈感源於澳門為葡萄牙殖民地時期帶出其中西文化交融的魅力。

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Working in different culinary domains, Chef Jeronimo Calangi has been pursuing to deliver the best choice of products and flavors to guests; Chef Jeronimo is accustomed to be very open minded in innovating his cuisine, and is intended in bringing only fresh produce to guests.

Chef Jeronimo從入行到現在一直致力並醉於將最好的佳餚及味道帶給客人,混合文化的背景及常年身居外地的體驗讓Chef Jeronimo於自己的烹飪及料理中帶來創新並著於採用新鮮及時令食材帶給客人最極緻的口味。

G/F, Legend Palace,
Macau Fisherman's Wharf,Macau

(853) 8801 8181


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