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Rio Restaurant



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RIO RESTAURANT Indulge in the exquisiteness of Rio's delicacies and wine. Rio's cozy indoor atmosphere allows you to wind down and focus while the outdoor seaside dining area fosters relaxation and reflection. Wherever you choose to lounge, you will be surrounded by elegant décor and California Cuisine.

盡情享受RIO RESTAURANT精緻的美食和美酒。餐廳舒適的室內氛圍讓您放鬆身心,集中注意力,而戶外海濱用餐區則促進放鬆和反思。無論您選擇在哪裡休息,您都會被優雅的裝飾和加州美食所包圍。

Promotion details

Rio Restaurant participates French GourMay 2022, Executive Chef Wilson from Rio Restaurant created 5 courses Romantic Menu MOP $588 and with AOC Côtes du Rhône wine paring additional MOP $300 for Macau Residents enjoy and experience French art on the plate with gas-tronomic philosophies.

Rio Restaurant 為慶祝法國五月美食薈 2022,行政總廚 Wilson 打造了 5 道菜的浪漫菜單MOP $588,並搭配隆河丘葡萄酒(只需加額外MOP $300,讓澳門居民享受和體驗美食哲學的法國藝術。

Cape Town, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau

(853) 8799 6338


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