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(852) 2525 9280

1/F, 100 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai 灣仔皇后大道東100-102號鉅芝樓1樓

La Crêperie





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French GourMay offer:
This year to Bubble Up, La Creperie offers you Brittany’s most famous sparkling drink, its Apple cider, for this occasion enjoy a special price on our Organic Cider. La Creperie 法式可麗餅專門店為您提供法國布列塔尼最著名的有氣蘋果酒,今年法國五月美食會,大家更可以特價享受我們的有機蘋果酒。
About the restaurant
Crêperies are typical, casual eateries, originating from Brittany, where people can enjoy simple yet delicious savory crêpes (galettes) and sweet crepes, with a glass of Breton apple cider. La Crêperie also plates up traditional French delicacies and fresh seafood from Brittany. 法式可麗餅是起源於法國布列塔尼的休閒可麗餅傳統餐廳,人們可以享用簡單而美味的法式鹹味可麗餅和法式甜味可麗餅配上法式手調蘋果酒,加上La Crêperie餐廳更搜尋多種來自法國布列塔尼的新鮮海鮮美食。
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