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Crêpe Delicious (Urban Café)



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With a focus on highest quality ingredients and dishes freshly made to order, Crêpe Delicious has pioneered a global craze for the iconic French cuisine classic since 2004. The brand’s success story is owed to a commitment to leading the resurgence in healthy eating.

分店遍佈世界各地的知名法式可麗餅品牌 Crêpe Delicious呈獻品牌引以為傲的法式可麗餅及手工意式雪糕。Crêpe Delicious 於 2004 年創立,一直致力以新鮮優質的食材炮製法式地道風味,與世界各地的美食愛好者分享品牌始終如一的創意美食滋味。品牌成功之道,取決於品牌對追求健康飲食的堅持。

Promotion details

To celebrate French GourMay 2022, Crêpe Delicious curated a signature Instagrammable dessert, Pink Delight (HKD $88), a delightful rose crêpe with strawberries and raspberries, topped with rose whipped cream, white chocolate chips and raspberry sauce, creating a perfect romantic mood like being in France.

為慶祝法國五月美食薈2022,Crêpe Delicious推出於社交媒體大熱的打卡招牌可麗餅 -「粉紅佳人」(HKD $88) 以柔和粉色系的外皮,配以清甜的士多啤梨及節慶味濃的紅桑子, 並用上自家製玫瑰忌廉丶白朱古力粒及紅桑子醬,打造彷如置身於法國的濃濃浪漫氛圍。

Shop G26 & F26A, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai

(852) 2617 7880


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