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Ami is bringing a unique fine bistronomie concept to Hong Kong with elevated yet approachable Parisian cuisine. The word 'Bistronomie' means French casual fine+G24 dining, which aims to provide refined culinary excellence in a more comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Ami 將獨特的bistronomie 概念帶到香港,提供高級但平易近人的巴黎美食。「Bistronomie」一詞的意思是法式休閒美食,為大家在舒適友好的氛圍中提供精緻的美食。

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Masterminded by French Chef Nicolas Boutin, Ami presents a comprehensive menu featuring a range of traditional French bistro dishes with a contemporary twist, which is highlighted by the hand-cut heritage beef tartare, a succulently grand roasted duck breast and more.

Ami多元的菜單由法籍大廚Nicolas Boutin 主理,以現代創新的手法演繹傳統巴黎美饌,如「手切法國生牛肉他他」、「法國烤鴨胸」等。

Shop 302, Alexandra House, The Landmark, 18 Chater Road, Central

(852) 3185 8396


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