Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its landscapes and chateaux, the Loire Valley has a unique lifestyle and world-famous vineyards.


The valley crosses two French administrative regions: Pays de la Loire et Centre Val de Loire.


Welcome to Loire Valley

While in Loire Valley, expect the unexpected! From tasting wine under the stars in Chenonceaux, to visiting art installations in vast troglodyte underground cellars in Saumur, you will have a unique experience.

To introduce you to a sensory journey, the Maisons des Vins will be your guides. Come and taste the wines of Chinon, Touraine or Muscadet and Anjou-Saumur. Then go and meet the wine-makers in their vineyards or cellars for stories about making wine and tastings in a friendly setting. You can be sure to continue your voyage of discovery in one of the guinguettes, open-air bars, along the Loire or at table in a gourmet restaurant, which will make the perfect match between wine and food for you.


Vineyards and heritage go hand in hand in the Loire Valley!


Its 1,000-km wine route reveals historic monuments and prestigious wine districts. Take the world-famous Loire châteaux set in the midst of vineyards for example, or the troglodyte quarries now converted into wine cellars and museums dedicated to making wine.


Cross the Loire region and you will see for yourself: heritage can be found everywhere here. While visiting a vineyard you will fall under the spell of a town or village such as Clisson, Saumur, Chinon, Cheverny or Savennières. Don't miss the vineyards of the châteaux of Brissac, Brézé and Chenonceaux, whose names alone are enough to evoke the most prestigious wines of the surrounding vineyards.


Loire Valley wines

Loire Valley has a wine-growing history of more than 2,000 years. In this third largest wine region in France, the vineyards are nourished by Atlantic breezes, and a mosaic of micro-climates, soils and geographic features.


Loire Valley wines share important characteristics that make them perfect for contemporary taste:

  • 3 key characteristics: Fresh, Fruity and Friendly

  • Moderate alcohol, refreshing acidity and minerality make them ideal food wines

  • Pure expression of varietal and terroir unmasked by oak

  • Wines mainly from a single grape


Loire Valley contains several distinct wine regions, each with its own characteristic grapes, appellations* and styles, ready to welcome you to discover all their diversity.


* 85 origin-approved (AOC)


There is a sort of magic created when Loire Valley wines are paired with excellent regional produce. 

White wine like Sancerre or Savennières blanc to pair with a dish of zander in beurre blanc sauce; red wine like Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame or Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil with rib steak from the region’s farm beef; or a glass of Crémant de Loire or Coteaux du Layon with a brioche-based dessert.

Cheese is another not-to-miss of Loire Valley, with Sainte-Maure de Touraine being a beautiful example, which goes perfectly with Touraine blanc sec or a communal cru Muscadet. Other cheeses exemplifying the regional savoir-faire are notably Chavignol, Pouligny-Saint-Pierre, Selles-sur-Cher and Valençay, etc.

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