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97 Hollywood Rd, 10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

La Cabane Wine Cellar

About the shop:
Since its opening in 2010, La Cabane Wine Cellar has become a landmark for natural wine in Hong Kong. We pick our wines from small growers because we believe in their philosophy: sustainability, organic or biodynamic grown vineyards, harvest by hand with the minimal intervention in the winery. The Cellar offers a unique selection of natural wines from all around the world, together with artisanal cheese and cold cuts. There are also public wine tastings every other Thursday focusing on unique and special themes.
French GourMay Offers:
La Cabane Wine Cellar will offer a 10% discounts on all wines from Occitanie during the month of May. There will also be a public wine tasting highlighting wines from the region. For more info, go to or send an email to
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