Monsieur Chatté is the oldest traditional French Gourmet shop & caterer in HK offering catering for your lunch, private party, corporate events, junk boat trip. Be also tempted by our delicious range of direct import artisan cheeses, saucissons, homemade duck foie gras and other gourmet delicacies.

法式美食總匯店Monsieur Chatté為不同場合提供到會服務,包括商務午餐、私人聚會 、公司活動及船河派對等等。值得一提的是美味得令你難以抗拒的農場芝士、風乾肉腸、祖傳秘製的鴨肝及其他法式美食。

Promotion details / 促銷細節

Monsieur Chatté celebrates French GourMay with a wide range of direct import Farmhouse and artisan French cheeses and promotions. Join us for a wine & cheese Pairing event to understand the art of French cheese. Date: May 19th 2021 from 6.30pm. Stay tuned for more details.

Monsieur Chatté為慶祝法國五月美食薈會進口一系列高質農場芝士 並會於5月26日星期三晚上我們上環店內舉行”法國芝士葡萄酒派對” 讓參加人士可了解更多關於法國芝士的故事。

91 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan


(852) 3105 8077

Type /類型

Food and Wine