With Cheese Club you can get artisanal premium cheese for a price up to 50% cheaper than usual HK prices. How does it work? Every month, Cheese Club organizes a group order of fresh products from Europe. All you have to do is fill in the online order form and then wait to be delivered at home.

在Cheese Club可以比市面上便宜一半的價錢購買優質手工芝士。我們是如何運作呢?Cheese Club每個月都會集合一定數量,並從歐洲訂購新鮮產品。您只要填妥網上表格,您所訂購貨品便會送上府上。

Promotion details / 促銷細節

‘’French Gourmet Pack’’: bottle of Medoc Château Cotes de Blaignan Cru Bourgeois 2016, bottle of Pouilly Fumé Petit F de Michel Redde 2019 with Comté 24 Months, Camembert ‘’Le Gaslonde’’, Sainte Maure de Touraine, Fourme d'Ambert, Dry Sausage "Le Barou", Duck Paté with Espelette Pepper for HKD 600.

芝士俱樂部“法國美食包”,配以各式法國特級芝士和冷盤,與一瓶2016年梅多克克魯代布爾喬亞和一瓶Pouilly Fume。售價僅為HKD600元。

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