Since 2011, etc wine shops has been catering to Hong Kong’s sophisticated wine connoisseur with over 2,500+ wines on offer. Last year, our new shop “burgundy etc" opened in the prime location of The Central Building. “burgundy etc" provides both Burgundy-loving beginners and discerning drinkers high-quality wines which meet, or indeed surpass, their expectations. Our wine advisors introduce guests to each winery, reveal the intriguing history of individual Burgundy wine, as well as provide relevant information on the intricacies of terroir, viticulture and wine services. Our mission is to “endear”, “tease” and “cultivate” your wine journey.

“burgundy etc"以「鐘愛」,「吸引」和「熏陶」為宗旨服務顧客,提供滿足勃根地愛好者及專業鑑賞家期望的優質葡萄酒。“burgundy etc"的專業葡萄酒顧問團隊會為客人分享勃根地葡萄酒莊的歷史故事,揭秘有關風土、葡萄種植的迷人之處,讓您猶在勃艮第海洋裏盡情探索。

Promotion details / 促銷細節

To celebrate French GourMay 2021, a special selection of French wine receive up to 12% discount during French GourMay. For more details and special events, please follow our social media platforms @etcwineshops and visit our new website.


- shop 108, 1/f, central building,
pedder street, Central
- g/f, 12c sing woo road,
Happy Valley

- 中環畢打街中建大廈1樓108號舖
- 香港跑馬地成和道12C地下

- Central: (852) 2812 2009 | (852) 3752 2009
- Happy Valley: (852) 2567 2009

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