Le Vallon is a French Asian fusion restaurant in Sheung Wan – guided by Chef Ricky, who honed his skills in various Michelin 3 stars restaurants including L’Effervescence in Tokyo, Frantzén in Stockholm & Le Petit Nice in Marseille. Our purpose is to reimagine the fine-casual dining experience and to offer the dinner tasting menu, featuring local ingredients.

Le Vallon是一家位於上環的法式fusion餐廳,由香港主廚Ricky 創立,主廚過往曾於各國米芝蓮三星餐廳工作 (包括瑞典 Frantzén,日本L’effervescence 及法國馬賽 Le Petit Nice),菜色主打dinner tasting menu運用本地食材所構思出的創意法式料理 。

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In May, we will offer bouillabaisse as one of the dishes in our tasting menu as Chef Ricky has worked at Michelin 3 stars restaurant- Le Petit Nice in Marseille. He will make his version of bouillabaisse using different local small rockfish and paring with wine from Provence. Come join us for a fine-causal dining experience at Le Vallon.

我們將於五月份加入馬賽魚湯料理,餐廳創辦人兼主廚Ricky 曾於馬賽魚湯的發源地-米芝蓮三星餐廳Le Petit Nice 工作, 有別於傳統的馬賽魚湯,主廚將運用本地魚獲烹調出具個人風格的法式料理, 讓大家也能嚐到香港本地海鮮的美味,同時我們也將搭配來自南法普羅旺斯的美酒。

Shop C, G/F, 2 Lok Ku Rd, Sheung Wan

上環樂古道2號地下c舖 Shop C

(852) 9540 2437

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