Bakehouse is a artisanal bakery founded by Chef Grégoire Michaud, where sourdough, viennoiseries and pastries are handmade on site every day using time honoured traditions and methods. Bakehouse strives to balance French traditional boulangerie savoir-faire and the contemporary approach to infuse fun into the local community's lifestyle, with superior natural ingredients from the world, especially those from France: organic flour from the Girardeau Family's Suire Mill in Boussay and Guérande sea salt.

Bakehouse 是由糕點名廚Grégoire Michaud創立的手工麵包店 ,每日新鮮製作酸種麵包、法棍、牛角包,以及各式烘焙美食。Bakehouse 糅合法國傳統麵包工藝和現代風格,將樂趣融入社區生活享受中。Bakehouse嚴選全球最高品質的食材,一直沿用位於法國布賽的 Girardeau 家族 Suire Mill 麵粉廠所出產的有機麵粉,以及於布列塔尼Guérande地區的海鹽。

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To celebrate French GourMay 2021, Bakehouse proudly presents a variety of French breads and pastries, including baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat and other delectable pastries made from premium flour sourced directly from France.

為慶祝2021年法國五月美食薈,Bakehouse重點推介多款法國麵包與糕餅美點,包括由法國直送有機麵粉製造的法式長棍麵包、牛角包、巧克力麵包以及自家製糕餅等,讓您在香港都能品嚐美味而地道的法國烘焙美食 !

G/F, 14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai



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